3D V crest fence in silver placed on the ground

3D fence is a welded mesh panel fence that is manufactured by welding steel wires together using electrical fusion. The fence features v-shaped bends along its panels, providing it with additional rigidity and stability. 

Progress Abms is a leading supplier of 3D fences in Singapore, offering our customers a wide selection of high-quality building materials.

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Advantages of 3D Fence

  • Anti-climb

As compared to the more common chain link fences which you see in Singapore, the structure of the fence makes it hard for intruders to have a handhold, discouraging them from climbing into unauthorised areas.

  • Anti-cut

The anti-cut property of the fence makes it difficult for intruders to cut through the wires and trespass onto the area.

  • High tensile strength

This allows the fence to withstand harsh conditions without breaking.

  • Good visibility

The mesh structure of the fence provides an unimpaired view of the surroundings. This is particularly important for clear camera surveillance in high security areas.

  • Prevents small animals from slipping through the fence

Common Applications of 3D Fence

  • Airport terminals
  • Schools
  • Army camps*
  • Prison*
  • Storage depots
  • Factories

*For added security, these compounds normally pair the 3D fence with concertina wires at the top.

Product Specifications

V Crest Fence Specification (mm)
Wire Diameter
Mesh Opening
4 or 5
25(W) X 75(H)

50(W) X 150(H)
*Customised fences are available based on the number of V crest that the customer requires.
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FAQs About 3D Fences

3D fences are made of welded wire mesh. The process of welding results in a sturdy and durable fence that is suitable for promoting greater security around the desired premises.

Yes, our 3D fences can be customised based on the number of V crests you require. Send us your specifications today!