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Galvanised barbed wire is a type of steel wire with spikes or sharp edges at intervals along the strands. The coiled form of barbed wires is also known as concertina wires. Both serve as a kind of modern security fence.

Progress Abms is a trusted distributor of barbed wire in Singapore. We are able to customise your wires in different colours, lengths and distances.

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Advantages of Barbed Wire

  •  Deters tresspassers from climbing over

Potential trespassers will be deterred from scaling a barbed wire fence due to its spikes.

  • Keeps animals out

The spikes on the barbed wire also prevents animals such as stray dogs or cats from entering the premises.

  • Low cost and easy installation

Barbed wires are cost-effective and easy to install, with minimal planning needed.

  •  Customisation

Barbed wire comes in a variety of types, colours and sizes to suit your different needs.

Common Applications of Barbed Wire

Similar to razor wires, barbed wires are mostly used in areas that require a high level of protection.

They can be found in the following places:

  • Military areas
  • Detention houses
  • Government buildings
  • National security facilities
  • Private buildings
  • Prisons
  • Animal farms

Product Specifications

Wire Gauge (SWG)
Barb Distance (cm)
Barb Length (cm) Size
Electric Galvanised Barbed Wire;
Hot-dip Galvanised Barbed Wire
10# x 12#
7.5 - 15
1.5 - 3
12# x 12#
12# x 14#
14# x 14#
14# x 16#
16# x 16#
16# x 18#
coated barbed wire;
PE barbed wire
Before Coating
After Coating
7.5 - 15
1.5 - 3
1.3mm - 3.5mm
1.8mm - 4.0mm
BWG 17# - 10#
BWG 15# - 8#
SWG 17# - 10#
SWG 15# - 8#
Different colours or sizes are available at customer’s request.
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FAQs About Barbed Wires

1. Galvanised barbed wire

Galvanised barbed wires are made from high tensile wires. They are particularly effective at deterring intruders due to the sharp barbs found along the wires.

2. PVC-coated barbed wire

These wires are vinyl-coated to prevent rusting. Similarly, they have sharp spikes to prevent intruders from entering the premises.

3. Concertina barbed wire

Concertina barbed wires are coiled wires that are expanded to form a continuous barrier. They are highly durable and are often used to prevent prisoners from escaping as well as trespassers from entering.

  • Design

As compared to barbed wires, razor wires have sharper blades that can easily pierce through clothing or skin. Additionally, these blades are located at shorter intervals than the barbs found on barbed wires.

  • Cost

Barbed wires are typically less expensive as they are made from fewer raw materials and have a simpler manufacturing process as compared to razor wires.

The cost of a roll of barbed wire is dependent on a few factors such as its type and length. Contact our team regarding any enquiries or unique project requirements today!