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BRC mesh, otherwise known as welded wire mesh, is a steel reinforcement solution typically used for construction. The steel wires are welded together through electrical fusion and both square and rectangular fabric are available depending on your needs.

Progress ABMS is a supplier for high-quality BRC mesh. They are available in different dimensions and specifications to suit your project needs.

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Advantages of BRC Mesh

  • Low cost

Due to the mechanised method of production, the labour and time spent on producing BRC mesh is largely minimised. Thus, the cost of the product is relatively low.

  • Easy to install

BRC mesh is easy to install as it is supplied in the form of prefabricated cages. Thus, the installation time is reduced and greater efficiency is achieved.

  • Customisable

BRC mesh comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions and can be customised to meet your construction needs.

Common Applications of BRC Mesh

This material can be used for

  • Concrete slabs
  • Household shelters
  • Road surfaces
  • Walls and panels
  • Drains

Product Specifications

Type ASquare Fabric200mm x 200mm spacing
Type BRectangular Fabric100mm main wire spacing, 200mm cross wire spacing
Type CLong Fabric100mm main wire spacing, 400mm cross wire spacing
Type DASmall Square Fabric100mm x 100mm spacing

PROGRESS Standard Fabrics could be selected from the table below, for example:

Area of steel required in a slab designSpecify B10
Main direction751ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ785ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ
Distribution direction185ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ252ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ

PROGRESS Standard Fabric Specification

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FAQs About BRC Mesh

BRC mesh comes in 4 different fabrics, each with varied sizes. 

1. Type A: Square fabric 

  • Cross-sectional area: 63 – 664mm/m2
  • Wire diameter: 4 – 13mm
  • Wire spacing: 200mm (main wire); 200mm (cross wire)

2. Type B: Rectangular fabric 

  • Cross-sectional area: 193 – 1328mm/m2
  • Wire diameter: 5 – 13mm
  • Wire spacing: 100mm (main wire); 200mm (cross wire)

3. Type C: Long fabric 

  • Cross-sectional area: 49 – 1328mm/m2
  • Wire diameter: 5 – 13mm
  • Wire spacing: 100mm (main wire); 400mm (cross wire)

4. Type DA: Small square fabric 

  • Cross-sectional area: 126 – 1328mm/m2
  • Wire diameter: 4 – 13mm
  • Wire spacing: 100mm (main wire); 100mm (cross wire)

BRC mesh is a steel reinforcement product used to increase the efficiency of construction projects. It can be used for different applications such as in concrete slabs, walls, rooftops and road surfaces.

The price of BRC mesh varies based on the fabric type and product specifications such as the wire diameter and nominal mass. Get in touch with us for a quotation today.