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The BRC wire mesh is a steel reinforcement material that is mainly utilised for building and construction purposes. It is also known as welded steel wire mesh or reinforcement wire mesh. 

The wire mesh is made with automatic welding machines. Steel wire rods are electronically welded into a fusion of wires without reducing tensile properties. 

Progress Abms is the supplier of high-grade BRC wire meshes and building materials in Singapore.

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Common Applications of BRC Wire Mesh

BRC wire mesh can be used in the following applications:

  • Public housing and construction projects
  • Interior design as decorative walls or panels
  • Reinforcement of concrete structures and casting
  • Road surfaces

Advantages of BRC Wire Mesh

  • Improves site productivity

BRC wire meshes are supplied as prefabricated cages and can be used promptly. 

There is no need to lay, cut, bend or knot single bars, reducing installation time at working sites.

  • Reduces wastage

The wire meshes are prefabricated to structural requirements in a factory, preventing the misplacement of steel and on-site cutting. 

Less steel is also required in its manufacturing process, reducing excess material wastage.

  • Suitable for any structural requirements

They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to meet accurate design requirements.

Product Specifications

Standard sizes

Type ASquare Fabric200mm x 200mm spacing
Type BRectangular Fabric100mm main wire spacing, 200mm cross wire spacing
Type CLong Fabric100mm main wire spacing, 400mm cross wire spacing
Type DASmall Square Fabric100mm x 100mm spacing

PROGRESS Standard Fabric Specification

Detailed standard fabric specifications list for welded wire mesh fences

PROGRESS Standard Fabrics could be selected from the table above, for example:

Area of steel required in a slab designSpecify B10
Main direction751ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ785ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ
Distribution direction185ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ252ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ
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