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Concertina wires are coiled razor wires with high tensile strength. They are rigid and equipped with sharp, pointed blades that can cause serious injuries.

These wire fences are commonly installed in restricted areas, prisons, detention camps and along country borders. They may also be used for riot control. Concertina wires can be installed separately or with barbed wire and chain link fences to enhance the security of a particular location.

At Progress Abms, we supply stainless steel and galvanised concertina wires of varying lengths and diameters.

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Advantages of Concertina Wire

Concertina wires have various functions – they can slow down enemies during a war, prevent intruders and prevent prisoners from escaping. They are a popular choice of wire fencing due to these advantages:

  • Prevents intruders from entering and prisoners from escaping

Concertina wires are very sharp – they are capable of inflicting serious injuries onto people who are caught or entangled in them. They also serve as a psychological barrier to deter intruders from entering and prisoners from escaping.

  • Durable and long-lasting

This type of wire is able to bounce back into its original coiled shape even after being crushed. It is also able to withstand harsh weather conditions. In fact, galvanised and stainless steel concertina wires can last for over 30 years.

  • Easy to maintain

Once the installation is complete, these wires typically do not require much maintenance and configuration.

  • Customisable based on requirements

Concertina wires can be customised to suit your fencing needs; the size, thickness, length and material can be tailored accordingly.

Concertina Wire vs Barbed Wire

Barbed wires are basic fencing wires with sharp spikes intertwined at regular intervals, typically a few centimetres apart.

While both concertina and barbed wires serve as security fences, there are some differences between them.

  • Damage caused

Concertina wires are dangerous fencing wires capable of inflicting serious injuries. The blades can penetrate deep into the flesh, causing fatal wounds. Conversely, barbed wires are less fatal and merely result in cuts or scratches.

  • Applications

As they do not cause serious injuries, barbed wires are often used as a basic type of fence to deter trespassing and prevent animals from entering or escaping the premises.

Concertina wires, on the other hand, are installed in areas that require a high level of security such as prisons, detention camps and military bases. They are designed to thoroughly prevent people from escaping or trespassing.

  • Price

Due to the welding and fabrication process, the quality of the finished product and the amount of raw materials used, concertina wires tend to be more expensive than their barbed wire counterparts.

Product Specifications

Material Available
Diameter (mm)
Length (m)
*Stainless Steel 306
450 - 500
6 - 7
650 - 700
8 - 10
850 - 900
10 - 12
Blade Specification
Blade Forms
Blade Thickness
Core Wire Diameter
Blade Length
Blade Length
Blade Length
Concertina wire blade forms
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FAQs About Concertina Wires

Concertina wires can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Restricted areas
  • Country borders
  • Prisons and detention camps
  • Industrial factories
  • Agricultural farms
  • Residential property

The concertina wires that we supply at Progress Abms are made of stainless steel and galvanised wires. As such, they are durable and cannot be cut through with pliers.

Concertina wires are made from razor wires. Both of them can be utilised in high-security areas, though concertina wires tend to have a larger diameter than their razor wire counterparts.