Stack of concertina wire or coiled barbed wire in silver

Barbed wires are standard wires with barbs twisted onto them every few centimetres. Whereas a concertina wire is the coiled form of barbed wires, expanded to form large coils like a concertina (or accordion). 

Due to the sophistication in the manufacturing process, the price of concertina wires are higher than barbed wires. Moreover, the installation of these wires require professional technicians because of its sharp blades and high tensile strength.

As a concertina wire supplier in Singapore, Progress Abms has galvanised and stainless steel BTO-22 for sale.

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Functions of Concertina Wire

  • Acts as wire obstacles
  • Prevents intruders
  • Avoids prisoner escape
  • Fence for agriculture purposes
  • Slows down enemy passage during war

Advantages of Concertina Wire

  • Prevents intruders from entering and prisoners from escaping

Concertina wires are very sharp as they are designed to inflict as much pain as possible to the person who is entangled in it. On top of that, it also serves as a psychological barrier to deter intruders from entering and prisoners from escaping.  

  • Durable and long-lasting

This enhanced version of a barbed wire is able to bounce back into its original coil shape even after being crushed. It is also able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Galvanised and stainless steel concertina wires can last for a long time.

  • Customisable based on requirements

Concertina wires can be customised to fit your fencing needs; the size, thickness, length and materials can be tailored.

  • 24-hour defense

Once the installation is complete, concertina wires typically do not require much maintenance and configuration. Hence, it provides 24-hour security for the premise.

Areas That May Require Concertina Wires

  • Restricted areas
  • Country borders
  • Prison barriers
  • Detention camps
  • Riot control

Product Specifications

Material Available
Diameter (mm)
Length (m)
*Stainless Steel 306
450 - 500
6 - 7
650 - 700
8 - 10
850 - 900
10 - 12
Blade Specification
Blade Forms
Blade Thickness
Core Wire Diameter
Blade Length
Blade Length
Blade Length
Concertina wire blade forms
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FAQs About Concertina Wires

It can be used in restricted areas, country borders, prison and detention camps. It can also be used for riot control and as a barrier for industrial factories.

The concertina wires that we supply are made of galvanised and stainless steel materials. As such, they are durable and cannot be cut through with pliers.

A barbed wire is a stranded wire with sharp spikes twisted onto it. These spikes are evenly spaced, typically a few centimetres apart. If you coil a barbed wire and expand it, the wire becomes a concertina wire. 

In terms of usage, barbed wires can be used for general security, whilst concertina wires are usually installed in high-security zones such as prison camps and country borders.

Razor wires (welded together to form razor wire mesh fences) and concertina wires can be utilised in high-security areas. However, they differ in certain aspects:

  • Sharpness

Both concertina and razor wires are fitted with pointed edges. However, the latter tend to be sharper than their concertina counterparts, which are typically made of barbed wires.

  • Appearance

The diamond-shaped patterns of a razor wire fence are more aesthetically pleasing than a concertina wire. Thus, it may be the preferred option among customers