Erosion control blanket

When there are harsh weather conditions such as rainfall and strong winds, bare and newly planted soil will erode. This causes sediments to pollute water bodies. 

In order to prevent such pollution, erosion control blankets (also known as coco blankets) are used. These materials are made of coconut fibres, and are used as sediment control measures for effectively minimising the erosive effect of rainfall. 

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Advantages of erosion control blanket

  • Exceptional water absorption

A soil erosion blanket is able to absorb a huge volume of water from its environment. This quality is essential in ensuring its effectiveness in erosion control. 

  • High tensile strength

These blankets are able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, without breaking under high tension.

  • Biodegradable

As a biodegradable material, these mats can be decomposed by bacteria which then prevents pollution.

  • Facilitates soil moisture retention

Moisture in soil is critical for plants, as well as in the development of weather patterns. This is something that erosion control blankets can facilitate.

  • Increases water filtration into the soil

The weight of the erosion control blanket boosts water filtration, as it is filtered and cleaned through physical, chemical and biological processes.

  • Prevents soil erosion by holding seed saplings in place

Areas that may require erosion control blankets

  • Golf course
  • Building and residential projects
  • Landscaping
  • Reclamation of mined land
  • Streambanks and shorelines
  • Temporary erosion protection during construction
  • Fill slopes

Product Specifications

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Length (m)
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