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Whether you are installing a new fence or replacing an old one, hiring a professional fencing contractor will guarantee a secure, durable fence. They will also ensure that the job is done right and properly the first time. 

Progress ABMS is the provider of quality fence installation services and a variety of fences to cater to your construction needs.

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Advantages of Fencing Contractor

  • Professional recommendations

An experienced fencing contractor will provide different options for your property, goals and area. This ensures an aesthetically appealing and long-lasting fence.

  • Efficient and saves money

Hiring a professional saves on renting or buying equipment for a one-time fence installation. 

A professionally-installed fence will also prevent the need for future replacements or repairs.

  • Avoidance of legal issues

As different areas have specific fencing laws, a licensed contractor will be familiar with these legal requirements. 

They will ensure that their installation adheres to these regulations.

Fences for Installation

Our fencing contractors can install the following fences:

Anti-climb fence with Concertina wire

Anti Climb Fence

Also known as security fences, anti-climb fences provide high levels of security as they cannot be scaled or cut. Small and neat panels are attached to high strength steel poles to increase stability. They are commonly applied to places that require high security.

Roll Top Bottom Fence

 Roll Top Bottom Fence

Roll top bottom fences are made from high strength and rigid steel wires. They have no sharp edges, making them safe for use. These fences can be utilised as effective barricades. They are also available in a variety of heights, lengths, wire diameter and mesh opening options.

3D Fence   

3D fences have v-shaped bends along their steel wire panels which enhances rigidity and stability. They are anti-climb and anti-cut, discouraging intruders from attempting to break in. While they provide a clear visibility of the surroundings, they might not be suitable for fencing private territories. 

PVC Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

A type of woven fence coated with green or black PVC wire, chain link fences are characterised by their signature diamond pattern. They are more affordable than other fencing options but are still durable and reliable. They are commonly used in places such as schools or residential areas.

Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fencing   

Wire mesh fences are made by welding metal wires together. They can be constructed from steel, stainless steel or iron. These fences are popular due to their affordability and easy installation. They can also be cut, bent or welded according to your needs.

Expanded Metal

 Expanded Metal

Expanded metal fences are made from sheets of solid metal that have been stretched and cut to form raised diamond patterns. They can be used for commercial, industrial, interior design or architectural purposes. They do not produce excess material wastage which makes it a cost-effective option. 

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