Gabions are rectangular cages or containers that are fabricated by thick galvanised wires. They can be coated with PVC and are often filled with rocks, concrete, sand or soil.

A gabion can come in a variety of forms such as a box, basket, mattress or sack.

They can also be stacked onto one another to form a gabion retaining wall.

As a building material supplier in Singapore, Progress Abms carries many types of gabions that have high tensile strength, suitable for any project.

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Advantages of Gabion

  • Durable and strong

Gabions have a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion due to their PVC coating and their ability to support the growth of vegetation. They are also capable of resisting torrential force, flood force, ice pressure and earth pressure.

  • Environmentally friendly

Recyclable materials can be placed inside gabions. Overtime, the gaps in the soil between these materials also allow vegetation to grow.

  • Permeability

Its permeable nature eliminates the need for drainage pipes to be installed.

  • Reduces water erosion

Soil erosion can be reduced by gabions as they lower the velocity of the water passing through it.

  • Scalable

Gabion structures are perfectly scalable and can be used for small-scale projects or massive constructions.

  • Economical

Gabions are known to be economically viable in terms of both material and labour costs.

Common Applications of Gabion

  • Rivers and dams
  • Landscaping
  • Interior design
  • Marine ports
  • Ferry terminals
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