razor barbed mesh stack for Progress Abms

Razor barbed mesh is a multi-functional, high-security razor wire mesh fence made by welding straight blade nettings together.

These fences are aesthetically pleasing and feature panels that have a distinct diamond shape, similar to that of chain link fences. Moreover, they are almost impossible to climb or cut off.

Progress Abms is one of the leading building materials suppliers in Singapore. The materials we supply are according to local market standards.

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Advantages of Razor Mesh

  • Highly durable

Razor mesh boasts a high-strength steel core that is difficult to cut with standard tools.

  • Prevents intruders from entering the premises

Intruders will be deterred from entering the area as the fence is almost impossible to scale or damage.

  • Easy to install and maintain

No special skills or tools are required during the installation process. Also, minimal work is needed to maintain the fence as re-tensioning is not necessary.

  • Pleasing to the eye

The design feature of a razor mesh fence is said to look beautiful and livens up the perimeter of any property.

Common Applications of Razor Mesh

Razor barbed mesh is often used in riot control.

It is also commonly utilized in these areas:

  • Prisons
  • Airports
  • Reservoirs
  • Detention camps
  • Restricted areas
  • Country borders

Product Specifications

Mesh Opening
SWM x LWM (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Strand Width (mm)
Standard Sheet Size
SWM x LWM (mm)
95 x 200
500 x 2440
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FAQs About Razor Mesh

Razor mesh fences are made by welding razor wires together. When comparing razor and barbed wires, the former features closed compacted coils and sharp blades to deter trespassing effectively. 

On the other hand, barbed wires provide less security but are more cost-effective to build.

Similar to concertina wires, razor mesh fences are extremely sharp and resistant to cutting. On top of that, the sharpness and compact nature of the coils make them impossible to climb over, improving security effectively.