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Reinforcement bar (rebar) suppliers in Singapore provide rebars and related services to clients in industries such as construction and shipbuilding. Rebars are typically made of steel and are a vital component in concrete structures. 

These bars add tensile strength to concrete, helping to minimise and prevent cracks from appearing under heavy loads. They come in a variety of specifications, grades and sizes for different applications.

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Common Rebar Specifications Supplied in Singapore

The steel used to fabricate rebars follows a standard set of quality-assured specifications for the reinforcement of concrete. The most common standards used in Singapore include:

  • BS4449:2005 (British Standard)
  • SS560:2016 (Singapore Standard)

Both standards encompass steel with high bond strength and fatigue strength, making them ideal for structural applications in buildings and bridges.

Common Rebar Grades in Singapore

The most common steel grades used for rebars in Singapore include:

  • Grade B500 (included in BS4449, SS560) – yield strength of 500 to 650 N/mm2
  • Grade B600 (included in SS560 only) – yield strength of 600 to 780 N/mm2

Both grades are suitable for reinforcing concrete structures. However, less material may be required when working with B600 steel.

Common Rebar Sizes in Singapore

In Singapore, a T10 or H10 rebar refers to a reinforcement bar with a 10mm diameter; T13 refers to one with a 13mm diameter and so on.

Rebars are commonly sold in 10mm to 50mm diameters, with differing uses as the size increases, reflected in the table below.

SizesWeight (kg/m)Common Uses
T10, T13, T160.617, 1.042, 1.579Lighter commercial uses – Concrete roads, highways, bridges, columns, slabs
T20, T22, T252.466, 2.984 , 3.854Medium commercial uses – Foundations, retaining walls, multi-storey car parks, sea walls, columns, beams
T28, T324.834, 6.313Medium to heavy commercial uses – High-rise buildings, sea walls, load-bearing structures, columns, beams
T40, T509.864, 15.413Heavy commercial uses – Large-scale buildings, bridges, docks, industrial facilities

Services Offered by Rebar Suppliers in Singapore

Local rebar suppliers like Progress Abms typically provide off-site prefabrication and cut and bend services to suit their clients’ needs. These services may help clients save costs, boost productivity and better utilise their space on-site.


Many rebar suppliers can prefabricate cages, similar to BRC meshes, before delivering them to your construction sites. You may request for custom cages with complex designs to reinforce your diaphragm walls, beams and more.

Prefabrication services are great for reducing on-site activity and accidents.

Cut and Bend

Rebars may be cut and bent according to your project’s requirements. Simply discuss your required specifications with your supplier to get precise and uniform shapes and sizes for your rebars.

Cut and bend services are suitable for clients looking to reduce on-site labour and material wastage.

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Benefits of Rebars

Here are some benefits of using rebars.

  • High flexibility

They can be easily bent and cut to meet the needs of your project.

  • High durability

Their high durability provides them with the ability to withstand a high impact load.

  • Easy to recycle

They can be recycled and reused for other purposes, limiting their impact on the environment.

  • Cost-efficient

Rebars can help to strengthen concrete. This allows you to use thinner concrete slabs in your projects, reducing the amount and cost of materials used.

Why Choose Progress Abms?

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FAQs About Rebars

Rebars are used to strengthen the base of concrete and masonry structures using tension. They are typically used in the construction and engineering industries when building bridges, buildings, tunnels, anchoring systems and barrier walls.

Rebars are most commonly made with carbon steel. However, they are sometimes made using fibreglass.

Rebar caps and couplers are commonly attached to rebars to enhance them or provide greater safety for on-site workers.

  • Rebar cap

These plastic caps are used to cover and blunt the ends of rebars. They are known to be highly effective in preventing workplace injuries at construction sites.

  • Rebar coupler

Couplers are joints used to connect two rebars at their ends, while typically maintaining full tensile strength. They are usually used to prevent protrusions in casting joints and to save rebar length.