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Steel reinforcement bar, also known as rebar or reinforcing steel, is a vital component in concrete structures. It is typically employed in industries such as construction and shipbuilding.

Using steel bars is necessary as an additional reinforcement to improve the tensile strength of concrete. This helps to minimise and prevent cracks from appearing on concrete under tension load.

Progress Abms is one of Singapore’s leading rebar supplier, offering steel bars that come in a variety of grades and sizes. In addition, our rebars are produced strictly in accordance with worldwide quality assurance standards, ensuring their superior quality.

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Benefits of Steel Bars

  • High flexibility

Steel bars can be easily bent and cut to meet the needs of your project.

  • High durability

This provides the steel bars with the ability to withstand a high impact load.

  • Easy to recycle

Steel bars can be recycled and reused for other purposes, limiting their impact on the environment.

  •  Cost efficient

Steel bars can help to strengthen concrete. This allows you to use thinner concrete slabs in your projects, reducing the amount and cost of materials used. 

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FAQs About Steel Bars

Steel bars are most commonly made with carbon steel.

Steel bars refer to a fusion of steel wires that is used to strengthen the base of concrete and masonry structures using tension. These building materials are also known as rebars, reinforcing bars or reinforcing steel.

There are several types of steel bars in the market. The 5 most common ones include hot rolled, cold rolled, twisted, welded and mild.