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Wire mesh, also known as BRC mesh, is an extremely versatile metal fabric that is said to have thousands of different uses around the world. It is a wire cloth or wire fabric that possesses innumerable combinations of mesh panel opening sizes and diameter wires.

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Anchorage and Weld

Welded mesh is manufactured with automatic welding machines to develop a weld shear stress of 250 N/mm². This weld is achieved by a controlled combination of pressure, electric current and time to develop a fusion of wires without reducing tensile properties of the wire.

Once the welded mesh is embedded in concrete, the anchorage of the fabric necessary to develop tensile stresses within the wire is achieved by the embedded of the cross wire. With the weld shear stress referred to above, one weld will achieve at least half of the specified characteristic yield stress of the wire. Hence the bond between the wire surface and the concrete can be regarded as additional anchorage and the tensile stresses can be developed in shorter lengths than those required by smooth bars. An embedded of two welds will develop at yield strength of the wire.

Common Applications of Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is widely used in public housing and construction projects.

Here are some of its applications:

  • Drain mesh
  • Slab mesh
  • Precage wall
  • Precast staircase
  • Beam stirrup cage
  • Column link cage

Product Specifications

Type ASquare Fabric200mm x 200mm spacing
Type BRectangular Fabric100mm main wire spacing, 200mm cross wire spacing
Type CLong Fabric100mm main wire spacing, 400mm cross wire spacing
Type DASmall Square Fabric100mm x 100mm spacing

PROGRESS Standard Fabrics could be selected from the table below, for example:

Area of steel required in a slab designSpecify B10
Main direction751ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ785ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ
Distribution direction185ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ252ᵐᵐ²/ᵐ

PROGRESS Standard Fabric Specification

Detailed standard fabric specifications list for welded wire mesh fences
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Crimped vs Welded Wire Mesh

In addition to welded wire mesh, another widely used type is the crimped wire mesh. The choice of the appropriate wire mesh type is important for achieving the desired functionality and performance. To help you in making an informed decision, we have highlighted some significant differences between these two options below:

Crimped wire meshWelded wire mesh
ConstructionWeaving or crimping wires together in a wavy patternWelding individual wires at intersections
Strength and rigidityIncreased structural integrity, making it highly capable of withstanding heavy loads and external pressures without saggingStrong but may be less flexible and more prone to deformation
CustomisationCustomisable with varying wire diameters, crimp styles, and opening sizesLess customisable